Meaning: Start of Summer.

When: Two first quarter moons (or whatever starts your month) before the summer solstice. This will revolve around 1 Samonios or 1 Quimonios depending on the year. For reference: https://www.coligny-app.com/

Deity in focus: Maponos. As a god associated with youthfulness, magic, and light, I find that this time of year reflects Him best.

My worship of Maponos in this case is influenced by Welsh Mabon, Irish Aengus, and Greek Apollo. As well as of course Grannos. This isn’t to say that They’re the same or anything like that, but that They possess traits that I apply to Maponos to “flesh out” His cult.

So certain things associated with any one or more of these deities (light, music, poetry, romance, magic, youth, etc.) are things also associated with this time of year. A time of liveliness and vitality.

Why it matters: This is, as the name of the holiday suggests, the start of summer. A time of celebration as the cold of winter ends and the days are longer. Comparable to May Day and Beltaine. This is a time when we really start noticing the world coming to life. Of course, that’s a gradual process but at this time that process is made very clear.
After all, the memories of winter are still there, or long nights if one isn’t from a more temperate place.

Ideas for celebrating: A feast is a given for most holidays. As I doubt that most Galatîs are in a position to lead a procession, I find that a good hike or anything that helps one appreciate and enjoy the weather is good. This is a good time for divinations as well. In some ways, this could also be seen as a holiday related to lovers.

The virility or fertility of the land is also key here. As is the the liveliness of the world at this time. Things that give appreciation to these are all appropriate ways to celebrate. Bonfires, if one can are also a good option. I add to this an offering to Maponos.

https _cf.ltkcdn.net_garden_images_std_204738-678x450-Hawthorn-flowers

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