Written By Suturcos

Elus aissiâ arepan sindiû.
Tribrateres urextont sinbitus.
Eis uouelîssont uersinbitus.

Elus biuitiâ bebiuton nu.
Ne nenepos biuos gignar.
Sos io Tribrateres gegniiar.

Peis ueuontînt sueionos uerci?
Tritobrater rerine mentiû.
Tribrateres iassont ad mâroambin.

Biuitiâ buont diglentos ad ambû.
Eni rixtus ategnatos ad nos sindiu.
Tribrateres uextont sueionos soiton.

Cintubrater combiie bituitiâ!
Toniîs atedeluâsset eiâ.
Eni rixtû au mî etic tû.

Ollon liuiobi, rixtoubi, etic mantiâ.
Buont sindâ elus doniciâ.
Doniciâ au toutânon ollon.

Allobrater rodissetîs texton.
Anâssetîs biuotus antar eiâ!
Con anatlî bebanar anamanâ.

Tritobrater dede doniciâ eni ambû.
Sepîssetîs uepoi senosoiti.
Uerceconeîs cerdâs biuiâs.

Eni ammani Doniciâ bebiuar lasenos.
Doluâssonteiâ elus toutâs.
Trê aissiâ sin uerbebiie.

(English Translation)

Many ages before today.
Three Brothers made this world.
They watched over this world.

Many creatures lived now.
Yet none living knew.
That which (the) Three Brothers did.

Who would appreciate their works?
(The) Third Brother had (an) idea.
(The) Three Brothers went to (a) great river.

Creatures gathered at (the) river.
In forms familiar to us today.
(The) Three Brothers wove Their magic.

(The) First Brother struck them down!
And then He reshaped them.
In (the) shape of me and you.

(In) all colors, shapes, and sizes.
Were these many peoples.
(The) peoples of all nations.

(The) Second Brother gave His gift.
He breathed life into them!
With (the) breath came souls.

(The) Third Brother placed (the) people in the river.
He spoke words (of) ancient magic.
He taught (the) skills (of) living.

In time, humans lived well.
They shaped many nations.
Through (the) ages this (had) happened.

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