Mapats Leuci (Child of Light)

Mapats Leuci

Written By Suturcos

Cenos eiânt noxtiâ eni scâtê

Lanolucrâ uotigû Cintugiamos

Aros rerine dagodagrus

Mapað Leuci gentos essi

Taranis, sueios atîr nertos

Eponâ, sueios matîr canis

Taranis garti dû litou mârou

Dedosseîs sueios taruos uerouos

Ollon dalton eni sin Giamolitû

Beton etic otlon daltar

Cantlâ bûar cecanon

Textâ bûar eiorar

Litus urexti ollon loudos

Ollon iâssont eni sounomâros

Sindâ noxtiâ dunnoisanâ bledniâs

Mapað Leuci robudi cintus

Cenos areollonîs rexti

Braxtiîs, sioxti clutos ne senti

Sioxti sin bûe ne gnâtomapað

Siuomeiîs, brodinâssetîs

Uescâssetîs eni braccâbi urê

Exitâsset eni angnatê

Eni baregiê, Eponâ dîsunâsset

Rumelumâros tetroxtesî

Gegalesî do datlan dâmin

Gênion carnucos cucluoe

Gartisî ueranadoi uarinâ

Exalbiû Eponâ uâdesî

Ueranadoi etic anatiâ

Eni remanni sebraci

Uo do bitun itâssont

Sulabarâtoi senti dagrun

Ion eiâ uer râdar

Sioxti uai do baitin

Sosin sistât eni mantalê

Nâ eiâ axâtoi senti

Matos rodîont adbertâs

Melissiâ isse crampettâs

Dede eni noxtiê essi ueramos

Exteges do tegos sioxon

Beborbon, delxtiiâ nertos

Sioxti, mapað ne arenxti

Cecangon do mâroambin

Adsodîssont dû atrê ambi

Carnoi uer pennû sueionos

Extos adbertâ bîeto rodîsset

Ma buet sindos nepos taraset

Eponâ rodîsset sueionâ torcos

Gegandesî taret

Do allocomarin

Eni Dubnê iâssetsî

Bitus alios bûe exougresî

Sioxti appîsssetsî agedos

Agedos sindos gignesî

Temellâsset cennâ canta sonnû

Sueionos dâmâ couîros

Extoutâs elus au bitû

Sueionos uoxtloi delxtînt

Consinoi extabatî do cloustâs

Amarcos dagos dû Eponî

Uidreîs sentus do Mapaten Leuci

Celicnon Sucelli, giamotegos eni Dubnê

Trê magin Riganiâs Nantosueltiâs

Comarciatâ au anderobi cuclouar

Tetarar magoi cadroâcoi

Blandos bûe mantalâ

Arnxton ad celicnû Sucelli

Ueuritareiâ canta Sucellin

Eponâ adgarti sueionâ uindomapos

Iaccolauenos bûe

Bruttos dû delgû

Sulâmis iâi tegos

Sucellos delget soldurios

Nantosueltâ memode mapatê

Eponâ gigne dligiton dlixti

Nantosueltâ rodît uercon

Eponâ uâde dâmâmâros

Nu gneatsî ara olloblêdnî

Sucellos tagi sin uercon

Nu natiâ anarencon tigû

Arenxont mantalon do tegos

Con Ogmios uednis

Eponâ ambisî tetige

Uer cenomantalû do Albiin

Uer trogî sueionâ

Taranis dîsunâssetîs

Ion Eponâ dede mapos do legion

Dîâcus au sounû

Anboudicos autrâtu

Iâsset do sueionos mapin

Rodîssont anuan Maponos

Etic Taranis memande

Maponos sounît leiûs îs

Mapats Leuci (Child of Light) English

Long were the nights in shadow

The full moon after Cintugiamos

Frost touched the good earth

The Child of Light was born

Taranis, His strong father

Eponâ, His fair mother

Taranis called for a great feast

He prepared His best bull

All shared in this WInter Feast

Food and drink were shared

Songs were sung

Gifts were given

The feast made them weary

All went into a great sleep

Those darkest nights of the year

The Child of Light awoke first

Long before all, He rose

He cried, but none heard

But this was no normal child

He walked, He talked

He dressed in a garb of green

He went into the unknown

In the morning, Eponâ awoke

Great horror overcame Her

She called to assembly a retinue

The roar of the carnyx was heard

She called the celestial troop

Out of Albios, Eponâ led

Celestial beings and spirits

In a spectral ride

Downward to Bitus they went

They blessed the earth

Over wherever they rode

But woe to the fool

That stands in Their path

Lest they be taken away

The wise give offerings

Sweet cakes or pancakes

Left in the night, it is best

From house to house they searched

They were fed, they kept strength

However, the Child was not found

They advanced to the Great River

They stopped for the Father of the River

Antlers upon His head

But offering must be given

If it is that one is to pass

Eponâ gave Her torc

She was allowed to pass

To the other place

Into Dubnos She went

A strange world it was She entered

However, She saw a face

It was a face that She knew

Darkened skin by the sun

His loyal retinue

From the many nations of the world

His words they held

As chains from tongue to ears

A good sight for Eponâ

He knew the way to the Child of Light

The Hall of Sucellos, the winter home in Dubnos

Through the fields of Queen Nantosueltâ

Greetings from chthonic beings were heard

They passed wonderous fields

Smooth were the roads

They arrived at the hall of Sucellos

They were met by Him

Eponâ claimed Her beloved Son

He was safe and healthy

Eager for embrace

Ready to go home

Sucellos kept watch

Nantosueltâ took care of the child

Eponâ knew a debt was owed

Nantosueltâ gave a task

Eponâ led a great retinue

Now She would do this every year

Sucellos agreed to the task

Now the lost souls

Could find their way home

With Ogmios guiding

Eponâ departed

Upon the long road to Albios

Upon Her return

Taranis awoke

When Eponâ put the Son to bed

Sluggish from sleep

Unaware of the journey

Went to His Son

They gave the name Maponos

And Taranis thought

Maponos slept longer than He


  1. woodenbreath says:

    That’s a very moving story, just at this time of the year. Thanks for sharing.


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