Introduction Q&A

What is Bessus Nouiogalation?

Bessus Nouiogalation is a Galatibessus tradition. It is drawn from interpretations of historic Gaulish practices, religion, and culture. It is put forth in a contemporary context.

We seek to create a stable cultural and religious revival. To do this, we work on not only Gaulish religion, but also language and literature so that this culture can touch all areas of life. A Neo Gaulish tradition that remembers and learns from the past, but is not limited to it or trying to crystallise a point in time.

After all, none of this is meaningful if it cannot apply to everyday life. Historically, and amongst many peoples currently, culture touches all areas of life. Nouiobessus Galation seeks to do this. This site is nothing more or less than a place to share the content to help this tradition along. In the hopes that it will inspire those interested to be a part of it.

So… Is this like a club or organization?

No. It is a hub for a cultural tradition. Seeking to provide a structure for a Neo Gaulish tradition to grow and reach as many people as will have it. As it is not an organization, there are no leaders.

What does Bessus Nouiogalation mean, anyway?

Bessus is a Gaulish word meaning “custom, practice”. This is a common word used on this site to describe various practices. Tegobessus “house custom” is an example, which are customs of the household. Noiuos means “new”, the final “s” is dropped when combining two words. Galation means “of the Galatîs”, “Galatîs” is plural for “Galatis”, which is Gaulish for “a Gaulish person”. So, Bessus Nouiogalation means “Custom of the New Gauls”.

We use Galatis instead of Gaul as it is a Gaulish word. As we are trying to be a people in some way, a people need a language. So we use a form of reconstructed Gaulish to the best of our abilities when we can, or at least can get away with it. This is why you will see a lot of articles titled in Gaulish, and why Gaulish terms are often used. So, it isn’t to show off.

You’re not folkish are you?

Bessus Nouiogalation is not only not folkish, we are anti-folkish. As well as antifascist. We oppose folkism, fascism, racism, misogyny, and any anti-LGBTQIA+ positions. We also oppose capitalism, classism, ableism, and all other types of bigotry. In time, we also hope to make the content on the site more accessible to folks who may have issues with traditional text reading.

Bessus Nouiogalation is about building positive identity. An attempt to provide an identity that is not tied to imperialism, colonialism, or hate. Anyone who is called to Bessus Nouiogalation who does not support the above listed things we oppose, and feels a calling to be a Galatis, is welcome.

Surely there are some conditions, though?

Yes, there are. For example, the Dêuoi are not only real, but distinct individuals. Just as you and I are distinct people. We may have some things in common, but you are you, and I am me. We are not interchangeable. We are not different versions of the same person. So it is with the Dêuoi.

The Dêuoi are mysterious, and it is possible that learning of worshipped beings who have some things in common with ours can help us understand the Dêuoi. However, that does not make them the same as another. Things about Zeus or Thor might help us understand Taranis better, but He is still Taranis, Zeus is Zeus, and Thor is Thor.

Foreign worshipped beings are not simply different versions of ours. Nor are ours simply different versions of theirs. It is absolutely fine for a Galatis to worship beings foreign to us as well. Or for someone in another custom to worship the Dêuoi. There is also no reason to disrespect foreign worshipped beings, especially if we would ask others to respect ours.

There really isn’t much by the way of restrictions or taboos. Don’t disrespect the Dêuoi. Don’t do evil. Do the best you can to be a good person and to fight for what’s right. Try to live an honorable life. Hopefully, we can make the world a better place.

Is this the only legit way to be a Galatis?

Certainly not. There are many ways to be either of these things, and as it should be, we are all free to decide what that means to us. Bessus Nouiogalation exists to provide a structure, culture, and identity to those who want it. Not to force anyone to be a part of it.

None of the material on this site, unless explicitly noted in the title belongs to anyone. Not even me, the author. You are free to use, adopt, adapt in part, full, or not at all. We will know who is one of us by what they do. And if you’re not one of us, that’s okay. We hope there might be some things that you find useful here, but if not, that’s okay too.

How much, if at all, one chooses to participate is up to them. We’re not, and have never claimed to be the “one true way”, and we never will. Some folks choose to align with a tribal identity, focusing on only one group of Gauls historically, and that’s fine. Others choose a Galatis identity that is newer like this one. There’s room for all.

Why the political stuff?

Politics is in everything. It is relations to power. Even being “apolitical” is a political stance. One that endorses the “status quo”. We do not live in a vacuum, and cannot escape the realities of the world we live in. Though it may be tempting, we must remember that most people in the world do not have that option. We owe it to them to stand in solidarity.

If one doesn’t wish to be a part of something that opposes racism, fascism, capitalism, imperialism, and the other ills of the world, then feel free to stay in the over culture. As it already promotes those things. You don’t have to be a full time activist to be here. However, understand that it is good and right to fight those things, and take part in that if you can.

So all of the material is free to use?

Sure. Now, don’t take credit for it if you didn’t do it. But yes, it’s free. Also, a link back is appreciated if you can manage.

Where can I find folks to talk Galatibessus?

That’s easy! Check out the Discord server Gaulchat!

If Facebook is more your speed, check out the long time running Gaulish Polytheism Community group.

Neither of these are specific to Bessus Nouiogalation, but you may find us through them.

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