Uoxtloi Bessous (Words of Custom)

Below is a list of words related to custom and ritual in Gaulish. There are many reconstructions of Gaulish, of course. The one mostly used here is called Iextis Galation, compiled by Iumâros Cunoulatis. The word Scâxslon provided by Farwater. Iumâros pulled from the best and up to date reconstructions to make a function, revived and growing Gaulish.

Some basic things to know about pronunciation:

  • ð” makes a “ts” sound
  • When “u” is before or after a vowel, it makes an English “w” sound.
  • When “i” is before a vowel, it makes an English “y”, or German “j”.
  • The circumflex “â,ê,î,ô,û” indicates a long vowel.
  • All “c” are “hard”, having a “k” sound.

There is of course much more, but these five things are sufficient to know. Pronunciation likely varied throughout Gaul, just as any other language has many different dialects and pronunciations of words. Those five items however, are constant regardless of other kinds of variants in speech.

Whenever you see (os/â/is) it means (masculine/feminine/ambiguous) these endings denote gender. This is used here when I speak of kinds of people. The -is ending can be masculine or feminine grammatically, which allows for general ambiguity. Hopefully those who identify outside of the “binary” will find this useful.

With that said, here are a list of words relevant to ritual (Dedmatâ) and custom (Bessus):

adbertâ – offer, sacrifice

adgarion – invocation

admetiû – hymn

adolos – holy, venerable, sacred

aidletâ – hearth

aidu – sacrificial fire, altar

Albios – the celestial world

anaman – soul, consciousness, character, personality

anatiâ – souls, spirits (collectively)

anation – life-force, energy, soul, breath

anatlon – breath

annâ – cup, goblet, drinking vessel

ansus – message, revelation

Antumnos – Otherworld (exists interwoven into the three realms)

ari – east

atriâ – ancestry, genealogy

auenâ – muse, inspiration

baccos – stick, staff

bard(os/â/is) – bard, singer, poet

basson – death

bedorâti – graveyard, cemetery

belatus – ritual death and rebirth; coming of age ceremony

bergât(os/â/is) – one who does malevolent magic

berus – source, spring, well, fountain

bessus – custom, practice

Bitus – the world, humanity

biuotus – life

boruû – hot spring

boudros – filthy, dirty

brâton – thanks, grace

brattos – cloth

bratudecanð – fulfilling an oath or vow

brition – will, intention, mind

brixtâ – magic

brixtu – incantation, spell

brogilos – grove (lit. “little forest”)

buteion – reality, existence, essence

caddos – holy, sacred, divine

cailon – destiny, lot, fortune, omen

calditâ – holt, grove, copse

cancâ – branch

cantos – circle

carnux – Gallic long war trumpet

celicnon – banquet hall

cladios – sword

cloccâ – bell

cogliâ – good omen, divination

congestlos – mutual pledge, oath

consseron -constellation, asterism

couercanâ – chant

crabedus – religion, faith

crâbiion – piety

creddâ – faith, belief

credron – sacred object, idol

cumba – bowl

datus – giving, donation, service

dedmâ – statute, divine law

dedmatâ – ritual, rite, ceremony

dedmis – law, sacred law

dêuocâros – pious, devout

dêuos – a god

dêuâ – a goddess

dexiuos – south

diastus – order, perscribed according to ritual

diuanos – divine, holy

druidessâ – druidess, priestess

druið – druid, wizard

drunemeton – holy grove, temple

Dubnos – the chthonic, underworld

dugion – worship

duscelinatiâ – bad fate, ill omen

erissâ – piety, faith

eurisis – dedicant, consecrant, donor

gaisos – spear

giamos – winter; principle of chaos, dark

glanos – clean, pure

gutuatîr – a kind of priest, parson, master of invocation

iaccâ – health, healing

iâlos – ritually correct, pious

loidâ – poem, saga

lorgâ – staff, club, cudgel

lubinerton – power of love

lucrâ – moon

maruos – death

medios – center

meinis – wish, desire, intent

molianton – praise, offering

natu – poem, song, chant

nemeton – sanctuary, temple, sacred woods

noibos – holy, sacred

orgenon – place of sacrifice

parios – cauldron

râton – gift

rêdon – ride, voyage, journey

rotos – wheel

runâ – secret, rune

sacros – taboo; sacred, consecrated

salos – dirt, filth

samos – summer; principle of order, light

sanesson – secret, lore

scâxslon – spirit, genius, daemon

sciienos – knife

segos – power, energy

senisamû – ancestor

senisamûnes – ancestors

sonnos – sun

sounos – sleep, dream

sulabariâ – blessing

suraton – grace, luck, blessing

tenos – fire

teutos – north

torcos – torc

trâtu – travelling, journey

uandalâ – candle

uasos – stone temple, cave temple, basement temple

uatus – frenzy, prophecy, divination

uediâ – prayer

ueiâ – energy, force, vigor

ueled(os/â/is) – prophet, seer, observer

uelitâ – seeress

uespros – west




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