Taranis and the Wood Giant King (Translation of Taranis etic Uiducauarix)

When humanity was young
Their world was harsh
Darkness ruled unhindered

Still, the Dêuoi gave
And the people were grateful
For the many blessings given

Surrounding forests were vast
In the world in which they lived
Dark and unforgiving

In the woods lived wood giants
Tall and firm wood bodies
Hostile and crude… Ruthless

They came to the people
They demanded sacrifice
Or they would kill them all

Many years it was done
Some of the people sacrificed
Cruel hunger was fed

Each year a king was chosen
The king would fight the wood giant king
The wood giant king always held victory

The price grew every battle
More lives were taken
The people went to the seeress

She spoke of an offering on a hill
Strength from Albios
Heat and light

The seeress went with a priest
They spoke the sacred words
They invoked Taranis

In Albios the prayer was heard
Carried upon the Good Wind
Those words reached Taranis

In the form of a bull, He came
He charged down from the high hill
Through the village, into the forest

He went to the grove of Uiduacuarix
The king’s retinue was there
Taranis prepared for battle

Uiducauarix gnashed his teeth
He struck with wooden arms
In might and in fury

Taranis brought His lorgâ
The two hit each other
The strike made smoke

The battle went through the day
When hope seemed slight
Victory burned in fire!

The body of Uiducauarix burned
The fire, a great fire consumed
Taranis held victory

A curse, Uiducauarix spoke
When his people burned
The fire would burn the world

However, this day brought victory
Peace as well, the burden dead
Strike of the rod, the multitude grateful

The gift of fire, given to all
From Taranis to the people
A new life to a grateful folk

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