Urittosergios COVID-19 (Against the sickness COVID-19)

It is not likely to surprise anyone reading this that COVID-19 has spread to all six habitable continents, claimed lives, and significantly disrupted many more. Of course, one must take the mundane steps necessary in order to prevent further spread of the virus. Such as:

  • Washing your hands often.
  • Not touching your face.
  • Keeping a distance from others. (6 feet, or roughly 1.5 to 2 meters)
  • Staying home when reasonably possible.

However, along with that, one in Galatibessus (Galatis Custom) may wish to also turn to the Dêuoi to help us. This is common with people in many other customs. Be it for the desire to ask for more than any one of us can do or for the releasing of our hopes, a ritual is provided below.

Make sure to wash your face and hands at the least, that you may be ritually clean (Glanos) before beginning. Leave offerings at the indicated verses. I kept the Gaulish simple, but the English translations are in parentheses (). If you use a translate function, it should translate into your normal language if it is not English:

Urittosergios COVID-19 / Against the COVID-19 sickness

[This rite is done in plural. Most will likely be doing this rite alone. However, I think it is safe to say that many Galatîs stand with you on this. You are not alone.]

Uediomos nîs Belinon, Tsironan, etic Taranin

(We invoke Belinos, Sironâ, and Taranis)

Bitus anson essi damâton consergiu

(Our world is suffering with sickness)

Gariomos nîs suos, arcîmos uoretû

(We call out to you all. We ask for aid.)

Belinê, leucobertos, deuorbutos sergi

(Belenos, light bringer, vanquisher of disease)

Arcîmos nîs dû uoretû sueson do lobrodonicâ

(We ask for your aid to the sick people)

Rodîmos nîs addatus etic bratûn

(We give offering and thanks to you)

Tsirona, Riganâ tsirânon, uoberî biuorodîmâ

(Sironâ, queen of the stars, of the life giving spring)

Arcîmos anextlû urittosergios etic delgestû nis glanos

(We ask for protection against sickness and to keep us clean)

Rodîmos nîs addatus etic bratûn tê

(We give offering and thanks to you)

Tarani, tigernos nemi, tigernos uirî

(Taranis, Lord of the heavens, Lord of truth)

Arcîmos uiroioniî etic anextlû, tluxtiû etic sergiodonicâ

(We ask for justice and protection for the poor and the sick people.)

Rodîmos nîs addatus etic bratûn tê

(We give offering and thanks to you)

Molâmos Belinon

(We praise Belinos)

Molâmos Tsironan

(We praise Sironâ)

Molâmos Taranin

(We praise Taranis)

Bratûn suos!

(Thanks to you all!)


(It is done)


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