Taranis’s Blessing (Translation of ‘Anegion Taranês’)

Taranis was at peace

His bulls were made full

They fed on sweet pasture


The cows yielded sweet milk

All were full and happy

In those good days of summer


Each day was summer

The fields were always green

Taranis was unchallenged


However, the people came to Him

They spoke of Crînos

He devoured their fields


Crînos took all

He stole the crops

He sat upon the well


Hungry and thirsty

The people pleaded for help

Taranis heard their pleas


Aisus prepared the grove

His daughter Nemetonâ gave

Welcome and greeting to Taranis


The priest had lit the fire

And gave hospitality

To the lord Taranis


In the grove they spoke of Crînos

A giant no warrior was able to kill

They fell hot and tired when they tried


As sure as the mutual oath to Belenos

That oath Bononiâ witnessed

He swore to vanquish Crînos


He went to meet Crînos on the battlefield

A strange enemy, skin hard and brittle

Eyes sunken and hollow, like death


Yet, Taranis felt heat from afar

From Crînos was the origin, like burning wood

Taranis held His (club, staff?), Leuceton


The thief of the yield, in the light of day

He prepared for battle, in the sight

Of the red haired champion, the voice in the rain


Crînos held his sword and advanced

Taranis met blow for blow, powerful

Raging, raging, the battle thus went


Taranis spoke words of a curse

This curse I will not utter

And he raised Leuceton, he struck!


In a thousand pieces Crînos broke, he washed away

Taranis struck the ground and spoke a blessing

“May good rain reach the good ground”


“I give offering of life”

“I give offering of strength”

“I give offering of prosperity”


The well refilled, and the crops returned

The people gave thanks to Taranis

They gave cows, bread, and mead


The people came together to feast

Today it is called Samolitus

Taranis, the champion of the people is remembered


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