Tegobessus IV: Outdoor Rituals

This is a ritual design specifically for rituals involving a fire outdoors. Such as with a bonfire. Of course, not everyone has access to this, but plenty of people do and so Bessus Nouiogalation has developed a ritual for the outdoors as well as indoors. That said, one can certainly do the normal ritual in the main Tegobessus piece outdoors. It can be done almost anywhere with a few simple materials.

Sometimes we find ourselves with a good bonfire though, and rituals around them are excellent for connecting to the Dêuoi, and efficient for giving offerings. For those times, we offer this ritual:

Glanosâgon (Purification)

Before doing any offering to a deity, make sure your hands and face are clean, as always. Upon washing your hands, say:

Glanolamâs “clean hands”

Swipe the forehead and say:

Glanobritus “clean mind”

Using both hands, swipe down the face and say:

Glanoanamon “clean soul”

Move around the fire (or ritual space), circling clockwise (counter clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere) saying:

Arcîmosnîs/Arcîumî Nemetonin ureget glanos sineniedon

“We/I ask Nemetona to make clean this place”

After which you may give Her an offering.

Louceton (Lighting)

Light the aidû, “sacred fire”. Of course, this step can simply be skipped if a fire is not being used.

Dauiumî (Dauimosnîs) sinaidû Suleuiâs.
(I light [We light] this flame of Suleuiâ.)

A moment of Tauson (Silence) is appropriate before the actual rite.

Uediâ (Invocation)

An invocation to Nantosueltâ will be the example for this, but for several other deities — other invocations are available here. Without further ado:

Uediomosnis/Uediumî Nantosueltiâs
(We/I invoke Nantosueltâ)

Matîr marâ
(Great mother)

Delgaunâ uenios
(Keeper of pleasures)

Riganâ lanobitous
(Queen of the world of plenty)

Magloi buiont ûros corinon iton, rodarcon suanciton
(The fields become green with your touch, a welcome sight)

Rodîmosnis/Rodîumî addatus ac braton te
(We/I give offering and thanks to you)

[Addatus (Offering)]

This can either be placed within or before the fire.

Arcîmosnîs/Arcîumî slanû ac ratobo
(We/I ask for health and blessings)

Slania te
(Cheer to you)

Braton te
(Thanks to you)

Molâmosnistû/Molâmîtû Nantosueltin
(We/I praise you Nantosueltâ)

Iâmosnîs/Iâiumî eni sedê
(We/I go in peace)

Clauiâ (Closing)

Give thanks to the Suleuiâs and Nemetonâ.

Bratomos/Bratumî suos, Suleuias
(We/I thank you, Suleuiâs)

[Which again, can be skipped if a fire was not used.]

Bratomos/Bratumî tê, Nemetona
(We/I thank you, Nemetona)

After which, it is recommended to have something to eat and drink. To dispose of the offering, there are a few options:

1.) If it was already offered in the fire, then it is likely sufficiently burned. So, whatever might be done with what remains is up to you. Directly burning offerings is particularly recommended for celestial Dêuoi. Such as Brigantiâ, Taranis, or Belenos. If a fire was not used the offering can still be burned.

2.) If placed before a fire, or if a fire was not used, burial is an option for the offering. This is particularly applicable to Dêuoi that are chthonic or below. Or better said if one is relating to Them as such. Especially if doing a rite for the fertility of the land.

3.) Otherwise, if there is a safe place to simply leave an offering that can be done. As well as composting organic matter.

4.) If all else fails, whatever safe disposal method one can use is okay. However, if possible one of the previous three is highly recommended.

Of course, we’re aware that not everyone has access to an outdoor space for such rites. However, if one can, they’re a great way to connect to the Dêuoi and are excellent for group rites. If one doesn’t have such access, the standard ritual in the original Tegobessus piece is always available and can be done indoors or outdoors. As always, we seek to deliver on tested, effective, and simple rituals. We hope that if you have the opportunity, that this one proves worthy as well.

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