Centugiamos “Start of Winter”- This falls around 1 Giamonios normally, otherwise 1 Cutios or 1 Rantaranos. Regardless, this is two first quarter moons before the winter solstice. Also called Îuos Ogmi.

This is the end of summer, the beginning of winter. Time and the days are going dark, like a descent into Dubnos. As we begin to turn inward, we turn to the Senoatîs (Ancestors) for guidance.

Along with Them, we turn to the ancestor god of the Gauls: Ogmios. He was related by the Gauls to Herakles. For whom it was posited by the Greeks to be the ancestor of the Gauls. This is the beginning of the notion of Gauls as a whole.

Associated Deities: Ogmios, for the reasons stated above. The Senoatîs (Ancestors) as well.

Possible inclusion may be Carnonos, who also may serve as a kind of ancestor if He is thought to have anything to do with great rivers.