Centusaminos “Start of Summer” – Cintus (first, start) and Samos, which means “Summer”. Centusaminos falls two first quarter moons before the summer solstice. This puts it around 1 Samonios, 1 Cantlos, or 1 Quimonios depending on the year. It will always fall on whichever month will start two moons before the solstice. Also called Îuos Nantosueltiâs ac Sucelli. Or whatever deities one might want to associate with it.

Centusaminos is of course the start of the summer. In this sense, a parallel can be drawn with Calan Haf (Wales), the Old Irish word Cétamain, Beltaine (Ireland), and May Day generally. The frost is gone, the weather is pleasant, and the land is alive.

Associated Deities: Nantosueltâ and Sucellos. As Nantosueltâ returns and brings life to the land, Sucellos is the one who shapes the gifts She brings to us. They emerge from the darkness of winter bringing life to the world.

Potential inclusions or alternatives: Belenos, for His associations with light and healing as well as battle, which occurs more in the summer.