Cerdâlitus “Crafter Feast” – This one has a more complex placement. It ties directly into the next holiday, Centumetâs. As Centumetâs falls two first quarter moons after the summer solstice, Cerdâlitus is the third quarter moon before Centumetâs.

This is a time to celebrate the crafts and skills that have allowed us to survive through time. As well as a piece of lore in the Bessus Nouiogalation tradition: the crafting of Lugus’s spear.

Associated Deity: Gobanos, the smith of the Gods. Don’t forget to offer something to Him! In our custom, we give to Him to support Him as He makes the spear for Lugus to save Rosmertâ and thus the harvest.

Activities: As we mentioned the offering to Gobanos, we do this to basically help Him do His job. In this case, to keep His stomach full and thirst quencher as He crafts the spear for Lugus that Lugus will use to rescue Rosmertâ.

Other than offering these gifts of food and drink to Gobanos, we can also celebrate by crafting things ourselves. In particular, we may make some kind of model in the shape of a spear that we will then offer to Lugus for Centumetâs. Reminding ourselves of the importance of what Gobanos does for us.

Uediâ Cerdâlitou

Comberomos Cerdâlitou

(We gather for Cerdâlitus)

Uediomos Gobanon

(We invoke Gobanos)

Alaunos bituos

(Wanderer of the world)

Ordos prii

(Hammer of creating)

Tigernos teni

(Master of the fire)

Cerdû batoraxtânon Dêuonon aneget ollon

(Crafter of the weapons that protect all)

Arcîmos tû ateuregesid

(We ask you to do it again)

Rodîmos addatus etic bratûn tê

[Addatus — Offering]

Slaniâ tê

(Cheers to you)

Bratûn tê

(Thanks to you)

Molâmos Gobanon

(We praise Gobanos)