Cerdâlitus“Crafter Feast” – This one has a more complex placement. It ties directly into the next holiday, Centumetâs. As Centumetâs falls two first quarter moons after the summer solstice, Cerdâlitus is the third quarter moon before Centumetâs.

This is a time to celebrate the crafts and skills that have allowed us to survive through time. As well as a piece of lore in the Bessus Nouiogalation tradition: the crafting of Lugus’s spear. Celebrated with a feast, offerings, and the attempt to make something, perhaps the model of a spear or spearhead to offer on Centumetâs.

Associated Deity: Gobanos, the smith of the Gods. Don’t forget to offer something to Him!

Possible alternative: Ucuetis, the Smith God of the Averni.