Nouiobledanî “New Year” – The new year is pretty much that. The start of the year on the Coligny Calendar. Many holidays are directly observable without looking at the Coligny Calendar. And we indeed try to make that possible. This one, as you may imagine, reader, is not the case. So one will need to refer to the Coligny Calendar app above.

It will four out of every five years fall on 1 Samonios. The only exception is when the intercalary month of Quimonios shows up. On which it will be 1 Quimonios. Regardless, this will be a first quarter moon usually in the Gregorian month of May. Occasionally June.

What this means is that it’s a holiday that runs into one or the other of the next two holidays below. Either Centusaminos or Samolitus. As both of those holidays are a week long, it’s no issue. The new year is welcomed in with a celebration and feast.

An offering to Carnonos of mead, honey, and/or coins is suggested. As honey is sweet and golden, and lasts for a very long time. So we have connections to goodness, longevity, and prosperity there. Any of the three mentioned offerings are recommended.

Associated Deity: Carnonos, as He stands between worlds, watching multiple directions.