Sentiiâ (Fellows – Links)

The Gaulish Polytheism Hub

This is a new hub for Gaulish Polytheism that showcases the works of contemporary Gaulish Polytheists. Providing links and spotlighting articles from all kinds of Gaulish Polytheists. Check it out! Essi dagos. (It is good.)

Nemeton Segomâros

This is the site that spawned many more from those inspired by his works. Segomâros Widugeni, who has given more to Gaulish Polytheism than anyone else I know, shares his knowledge and insights here. His site and works are the inspiration for my own.

Over 30 years of experience, and countless presentations. His site offers a slice of his wisdom and is but one of his many contributions.

Carnutian Nemeton

This is the site of the Carnutian Nemeton. Branos Carnutodruîdon teaches about several Dêuoi (Gods) and is working on several different kinds of cultus. He also makes jewelry and woodworkings.

Senobessus Bolgon

Selguiros Carantos Caitacos shares Bolgoi custom here. This consists of Dêuoi (Gods), and customs reconstructed from, or constructed for a distinctly Belgic practice. There is also much to learn here that anyone interested in Galatîbessus will find enlightening. Excellent works within.

Nemeton Cunobelinus

Cunobelinus Betullicnos shares his knowledge of Belenos, and other musings on his site. He is also the founder of the Discord known as Gaulchat. He works hard for the Gaulish Polytheist community. The Belhound!

Bessus Noricon

Sapuidugnatos Cincibilios delivers to us works aimed at reconstructing and constructing practices based on the people of Noricum. A Gaulish speaking people that lived in what is now Austria. The site is packed full of insight from a great contributor to the community.

Nemeton Tricûnos

Tricûnos delves into the mysteries of Iaccabessus (Health Custom) and Boubessus (Cattle Custom). Conscise and straight to the point posts packed with information. Actively groundbreaking work from a brilliant mind with two decades of Polytheist experience.

Nemeton Eluêtion

With a focus on the Bessus (Custom) of the Elueti (Helveti) tribe who lived in what is now Switzerland, Artocathos delivers top notch work. A newer, rising voice in the Gaulish community. Always a good read.