Suetlâ (Stories/Lore)

This is a repository of myths that we have started to either publish our own myths, or to (with permission and proper credit given, of course) share myths that spoke to us in a way that is compatible with our own specific tradition. Though we should note that there are many who have created excellent myths out there, whether compatible with our own tradition or not. The beauty of Galatîs of today is that there is great diversity in our traditions.

Why make myths? Other than the obvious fact that no myths survive from the Ancient Gaulish peoples, mythology is incredibly important in reviving and making pertinent and relevant a tradition. They’re newer creations, and no one denies this. Even had older myths survived, we think it is important that each new generation relates those old truths in a way that they understand. Stagnation is not tradition, it is death. Those undying concepts give bones to the body of culture. The people must give it flesh, and keep it alive.

In time, as our command of Gaulish language improves, or with the help of others who wish to do so, there will be more myths done in Iextis Galation, a dialect of reconstructed Gaulish. Translations will be provided, of course.