The Members

Branos Carnutodrûidon: Delgaunos

Subutâ! Immi Branos Carnutodrûidon of Tegos Carnution (House of the Carnutes).

I’m the Druið of Galatîs Litauiâs and Drunemeton and one of the Founders of Bessus Nouiogalation. My role in Bessus Nouiogalation is that of a Delgaunos/keeper of the Touta and its bessus.
I’m a Grand Grove Druid of the Ancient Order of Druids in North America and a Deacon in the Gnostic Celtic Church.
I’m a craftsman in the arts of Blacksmithing, Woodworking, and building community. Tegos Carnution is located in the high mountains of North Carolina. I spend my time in deep research, creating many things. In my free time, I trailblaze the landscape and tend to gravestones and the earth.
I’m always around holding the lantern of illumination to help guide the individual. Carnutian Evocation

Caromâros Caitogabros: Delgaunos

Subutâ, I’m Caromâros Caitogabros, a Delgaunos of Bessus Nouiogalation, as well as the ambactos of Galatîs Litauiâs.

I give honour and offerings to the Toutâdêuoi of BNG, as well as the spirits of the land I live on. Compared to some, I’ve only been around the Galatîbessus community for a mere blink, but I make up for it with my passion for the practices, culture and language that we’re building here, and my willingness to learn and help wherever and whenever I can.
I often give my free time to projects around the community, however my hobbies include hiking and spending time in nature, playing with my two children, and learning new things.
Reach out to me any time of day or night and I’ll do my best to be available for whatever, even if you just need someone to talk to!

Casnis Uâtiâ: Toution

Immi Casnis Uâtiâ (The Frenzied Hare) of Tegos Garuaboniâs (House of the Rugged River).

I am a lifelong student of Awen and Aunenâ Srourâ. My practice is Gallo-Brittonic, syncretized with Welsh. Bessus Nouiogalation makes up a large part of my Gaulish focus.
I live a solitary monastic life on traditional Mississauga territory in Canada. My patron Deuoi (Gods) are Maponos and Cunomaglos, and I write about journeys with Them often on my site, Below the Wood.

Eluanatiâ Aiduetni: Toution

Hello— my name is Eluanatiâ Aiduetni. I am a plural system of the Phoenix spirit of Sorts, connected to the trees, to learning and to the practice and belief of Gaul. 

I began down this path of Gaulish polytheism in 2021 after realizing that if one can discover things about their identity that are not what they seem gender wise, then one could explore spiritual questions as well. My ancestry thoughts and travels brought me to Gaul, the least of all places, and since then it has been a wonderful journey being able to include all things I love, believe, and want to explore.

I wanted to join a home custom, which led me to BNG and its practices. The virtues, the Dêoui and the practices really key into how I see the world, how it functions and how it thrives!

I have also begun working through the OBOD druid order classes.  This is the beginning of a journey that may lead me down many paths towards the druid.  I want to remain connected to the land. To protect it where I can. 

Suturcos: Past Delgaunos and one of the Founders of Bessus Nouiogalation
Artocatos Taranicnos: Past Delgaunos and one of the Founders of Bessus Nouiogalation