Uegaplatiâ Sentiion (Member Websites)

Below, you’ll find links to websites and other projects of some of our members. We encourage you to check them out!

Nemeton Eluêtion – This is the site of Artocatos Taranicnos. Within, you’ll find an in-depth look at Helvetian Reconstruction. Artocatos walks the reader through the Dêuoi of the Eluêtoi (Helvetians). While you’re there, don’t forget to check out Helvetian Hands!

Carnutian Evocations – This is the hub of Branos Carnutodrûidon. He talks the reader through Carnutian Reconstruction, but also has years of experience in Druidry. Have a look at the Carnutian Workshop while you’re there!

Tegos Couirosapî – This is the site of Lucotillâ Glanoglannâtis. A rising star in our community. Within, she dives into detail regarding Aquitanian Dêuoi. You won’t find a dry read here though, because along with well researched work she often includes divinatory readings!

Lucotillâ is also the founder of Bonâ Bannobrogi. “Bonâ Bannobrogi (meaning “the village, or groundwork of the mountain district”) is a syncretic Gaulish custom with emphasis on the Pyrenees Mountains as its focal point. Drawing on Galatibessus and Pyrenean folklore, Bonâ Bannobrogi seeks to reconstruct and interpret Pyrenean deities in a way that honors their history and brings them forward into Gaulish praxis today, as well as establish rites, îuoi, and other customs that honor the seasonal cycles within and cultural complexity of the Pyrenean region.

Rianorix Alaunana – This is the YouTube channel of Rîanorix Uarileucâ. Within, she explores the Dêuoi through poetry and song. Her evocative music is sure to please the ear! Perfect for rites as well.

Howls of the Hunter – This is the site of Lucogaros Noxtouiduâ. On this site, Lucogaros leads an exploration of Mantalon Uiducunos (The Way of the Wolf). An exciting read including myths, it guarantees reads worth returning to again and again.

Uepoi Nelî – This is the blog of Letonelos Tarvogenos. Within, Nelos talks about Galatibessus. Give it a look if you feel inclined.