Adbiuos “to life, Quickening” – This holiday falls two first quarter moons after the winter solstice. Around 1 Equos or 1 Elembiuos. As winter starts to loosen grip, we might see signs of spring. The days are starting to get longer again. Also called Îuos Suleuiânon.

Assosciated Deities: This is a time where we look for guidance as winter recedes. The Suleuiâs fit this and this holiday is dedicated to Them.

Activities: In our custom, the Suleuiâs guide us, as it is literally what Their name means. In this case, They guide us to keeping our homes and lives in order as we wait for winter to end. We look forward to the return of summer, and we look to the Suleuiâs to guide that return.

So we prepare by getting our affairs in order, it is the beginning of activity again. However, we can also enjoy it with some sweet breads. Cakes, pancakes, crepes, waffles, etc. are good food for this time of year.

We also light a candle for each of the Suleuiâs (three), the Trileucoi Suleuiânon (Three lights of the Suleuiâs), these lights representing Them. As lights guide, we follow Their guidance and return slowly to our normal lives.

To mind the land, if you still have your dolly from Centumetâs, bury it so that it feeds the next harvest. If not, save a couple of those cakes to bury. If burying is not an option, offer them to the Suleuiâs.

Uediâ Adbiuû

Comberomos Adbiuû
(We gather for Adbiuos)

Sagiomos sernî
(We search for order)

Eni singiamê
(In this winter)

Pisomos suos, Suleuiâs
(We look to you, Suleuiâs)

Uernâs uissoues
(Wise guardians) 

Delgaunâs rextuos
(Keepers of right)

Aminâs uîrisamâs
(Truest friends)

Esue leucos îani uedetesuîs ollon
(You all are the light of virtue, you guide us all)

Rodîmos addatus etic bratûn suos
(We give offering and thanks to you)

[Addatus — Offering]

Slaniâ suos
(Cheers to you)

Bratûn suos
(Thanks to you)

Molâmos Suleuiâs
(We praise the Suleuiâs)

Adbiuon dagon suos
(A good Adbiuos to all)