Buete Suanciton! (Be you all welcome!)

This is the website of Bessus Nouiogalation! We are an Adbessus Galaticos (Galatis tradition). That means our custom is based off the people who spoke the language known as Gaulish, that were bearers of what is is called the La Tene material culture, and those who worshipped beings called Dêuoi (all of whom are named in that very Gaulish language).

The intention of this site is to serve as a source (among many) for the revival and construction of a Nouiogalatis (New Galatis) cultural identity. Neither re-enactment nor limited, but a functional hybrid of revival and reconstruction.

We are open to all who are sincerely interested regardless of colour, class, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, heritage, or physicality. Supporters of and collaborators with the “political right” including fascists are emphatically not welcome. No exceptions.