Cintugiamos “Start of Winter”- This falls around 1 Giamonios normally, otherwise 1 Cutios or 1 Rantaranos. Regardless, this is two first quarter moons before the winter solstice. Also called Îuos Ogmi.

This is the end of summer, the beginning of winter. Time and the days are going dark, like a descent into Dubnos. As we begin to turn inward, we turn to the Regentiâ (Ancestors) for guidance.

Along with Them, we turn to the ancestor Dêuos of the Gauls: Ogmios. He was related by the Gauls to Herakles. For whom it was posited by the Greeks to be the ancestor of the Gauls. This is the beginning of the notion of Gauls as a whole.

Associated Dêuos: Ogmios, for the reasons stated above. The Regentiâ (Ancestors) as well.

Activities: While feasting is inherent in all îuoi (holidays), it is particularly important here. As ancestors are part of families and communities, they at one point shared meals with their families of their time. So the shared meal is great if it can be done. Otherwise, after giving offering to the Regentiâ, eat a meal at your uentâ (place of worship/sacrifice) with them.

Also, take the time, during daylight to visit their graves if they’re near you. As it is now winter, the blessings of the land — or at least daylight — are leaving. This is an excellent time for leaving flowers on departed relatives graves. Nantosueltâ and Sucellos are returning to Antumnos for the winter. This means we must be wary of other beings that may be lurking about at this time of year.

Due to this time of openness between worlds, this is a good time for divination.

Uediâ Cintugiamû

Comberomos Cintugiamû 
(We gather for Cintugiamos) 

Commeniomos Regentiâ Anson
(We remember our ancestors) 

Exollomagobi baniont
(From all of the lands they came) 

Rodâmos bratûn tolissu biuitu sueson
(We give thanks for your will to live) 

Tolissos sosio damâsset nos
(The will that gave birth to us) 

Rodâmos addatus suos
(We give offering to you all) 

[Addatus — Offering] 

Molâmos Regentiâ uer sin Cintugiamû
(We praise the ancestors upon this Cintugiamos)  

Comberomos Cintugiamû
(We gather for Cintugiamos) 

Sindîû commeniomos cinturegentios anson
(This day we remember our first ancestor) 

Cintuatîr Galation, Ogmios tigernos anson
(First father of the Galatîs, our lord Ogmios) 

(Great speaker) 

(Mighty hero) 

Matos aiui
(Ever wise) 

Excenu bebanas, uxelliâ Galation, cintus anues
(From afar you came, pride of the Galatîs, first of the name) 

Rodâmos addatus etic bratûn tê
(We give thanks and offering to you) 

[Addatus — Offering]

An bîetûconnis eni sinancon giami
(May you be with us in this arrival of winter) 

Slaniâ tê
(Cheers to you) 

Bratûn tê
(Thanks to you) 

Molâmos Ogmion
(We give praise to Ogmios) 

Cintugiamon dagon ollon
(A good Cintugiamos to all)