Cintumessus “First Harvest” – Two first quarter moons after the Summer Solstice. This means the start of Anagantios some years, the start of Riuros in others. Also called Îuos Lugous.

This is of course a time to celebrate Lugus and the grain harvest. His wife, Rosmertâ is also given offering this time of year as it is She who holds the harvest and bestows grain to us.

Associated Deities: Lugus and Rosmertâ.

Activities: If you read about the last îuos (holiday), Cerdâlitus, then either the model spear or some other crafted item could then be offered to Lugus at this time. For Rosmertâ, we recommend a dolly of stalks, commonly called a corn dolly.

If one is growing the grain themselves, this may be made of the first harvested sheathes. If not, whatever you can get will do. After it is made, it should be kept on the uentâ (place of worship, sacrifice) until Adbiuos, which is the îuos (holiday) roughly opposite this one. Upon which it is buried.

Failing a corn dolly, a loaf of bread can be made, or preferably one in the shape of a person, frozen, thawed before Adbiuos and then preferably buried then.

If one isn’t able to bury the offering then simply dispose of it after the ritual as one may do with normal offerings.

Uediâ Cintumessû

Comberomos Cintumessû
(We gather for Cintumessus)

Uediomos Rosmertan etic Lugun
(We invoke Rosmertâ and Lugus)

Delgaunâ Messous etic Latis Messous
(Keeper of the Harvest and Hero of the Harvest)

Riganâ etic Rix Arinciâs
(Queen and King of the Grain)

Riganâ etic Rix Corii
(Queen and King of the warband)

Ueiadii etic Gaisû anegetê olcâs dagâs
(By distaff and spear, you protect the good arable lands)

Rodâmos addatus etic bratûn suos
(We give offering and thanks to you)

[Addatus– Offering]

Slaniâ suos
(Cheers to you)

Bratûn suos
(Thanks to you)

Molâmos Rosmertan etic Lugun
(We praise Rosmertâ and Lugus)