Cintusamos “Start of Summer” – Cintus (first, start) and Samos, which means “Summer”. Cintusamos falls two first quarter moons before the summer solstice. This puts it around 1 Samonios, 1 Cantlos, or 1 Quimonios depending on the year. It will always fall on whichever month will start two moons before the solstice. Also called Îuos Nantosueltiâs etic Sucelli.

Cintusamos is of course the start of the summer. In this sense, a parallel can be drawn with Calan Haf (Wales), Beltaine (Ireland), and May Day generally. The frost is gone, the weather is pleasant, and the land is alive.

It goes without saying perhaps why summer would have been welcomed so among the Gauls back then. After all, it signaled an end to the hardships of winter. Crops are growing, and milk is plentiful. Food sources start to become more secure.

In our custom, the blessings of the land again are made known as Nantosueltâ has returned from Antumnos (the Otherworld) to again walk Bitus. And Sucellos with the liveliness of the land secured crafts the gift of wine. Assuredly, the Gauls were known for their love of wine.

Associated Deities: Nantosueltâ and Sucellos. As Nantosueltâ returns and brings life to the land, Sucellos is the one who shapes the gifts She brings to us. They emerge from the darkness of winter bringing life to the world.

Activities: This time heralds an opening of Bitus, that is, the terrestrial plane to Nantosueltâ and Sucellos. As they do so, the way between the worlds is open at this time and we must be on the watch for those who may not have been intended to follow the two beloved Dêuoi. For this, bonfires are a great idea.

We have also spoken of Sucellos crafting the gift of wine. Thus, wine and as dairy is in surplus, wine and cheese are great fare to enjoy at this time. A more contemporary treat for this time of year would be ice cream. Grape juice or grapes themselves compliment cheese just fine if one is not of drinking age or simply wishes to abstain from alcohol. Those who do not partake in dairy might enjoy something else that reminds them of the season. As for ice cream, there are many kinds today made from plant based sources.

Finally, for those with the means, it is a lovely time to take up a garden or grow a houseplant. Get out and enjoy the season. Failing gardening, a hike in woods, or a even a long walk in a park or just outdoors is also a good idea. Put a flower in your hair and enjoy the wonders of the land!

Uediâ Cintusamû

Comberomos Cintusamû
(We gather for Cintusamos)

Uediomos Nantosueltan etic Sucellon
(We invoke Nantosueltâ and Sucellos)

Tobertaunâ biuoti do magin, Matîr marâ
(Giver of life to the fields, Great Mother)

Etic Râtoatîr deluâunos textonon magliâs
(And Generous Father, shaper of the gifts of the land)

Buetê suanciton ex tegos sueson eni Antumnê
(Be welcome from your home in Antumnos)

Buetê suanciton Bitun
(Be welcome to Bitus)

Rodîmos addatus etic bratûn duos
(We give offering and thanks to you)

[Addatus — Offering]

Slaniâ suos
(Cheers to you)

Bratûn suos
(Thanks to you)

Molâmos Nantosueltan etic Sucellon
(We praise Nantosueltâ and Sucellos)

Cintusamon dagon ollon
(A good Cintusamos to all)