Samolitus “Summer Festival” – Samos (Summer), Litus (feast, festival), comparable to Midsummer celebrations. Samolitus is observed on the first quarter moon before the summer solstice. This falls around 1 Dumannios normally, otherwise 1 Samonios. Always the first quarter moon before the summer solstice. Also called Îuos Taranes.

Samolitus is a celebration of light over darkness. A theme that will run into the next holiday as well. At this time we are reaching the full force of Samos (summer) over Giamos (winter).

Associated Deity: Taranis! Wielder of lightning and thunder, bearer of truth and the principle of Samos. Was there even another guess?

Activities: Samolitus is a holiday dedicated to Taranis and his rulership of summer. That he is here and summer is in full swing one of the biggest recommendations is an outdoor meal. This could be a barbecue, cookout, or picnic. As with summer comes all of the joys and freedom of not being cooped up inside like in the winter. Enjoy the bustle of activity by getting outside.

A recommendation for decor may be that which we call the Samoualix (lit. summer ring) which is a wreath decorated with summery effects. A favourable idea would be to make one including spokes to look like the famous wheel of Taranis. Failing that, one that has a prominent wheel motif on the wreath itself.

Uediâ Samolitou

Comberomos Samolitou
(We gather for Samolitus)

Molâmos! Molâmos! Taranis Samorix!
(We praise! We praise! Taranis the Summer King!)

Uediomos Taranin
(We invoke Taranis)

Dêuos rotî
(God of the Wheel)

Tigernos uiridi
(Lord of Truth)

Latis olli
(Hero of all)

Delges loucetion, etic aneges ollon
(You hold the lightning and protect all)

Taranis Samorix
(Taranis the Summer King)

Rodâmos addatus etic bratûn tê
(We give offering and thanks to you)

[Addatus — Offering]

Slanon tê
(Cheers to you)

Bratûn tê
(Thanks to you)

Molâmos Taranin
(We praise Taranis)

Samolitun dagun ollon
(A good Samolitus to all)