Sonnocingos Nouios

Sonnocingos Nouios “New Year” – The new year is pretty much that. The start of the year on the Coligny Calendar. Many holidays are directly observable without looking at the Coligny Calendar. And we indeed try to make that possible. This one, as you may imagine, reader, is not the case. So one will need to refer to our Coligny Calendar app.

It will four out of every five years fall on 1 Samonios. The only exception is when the intercalary month of Quimonios shows up. On which it will be 1 Quimonios. Regardless, this will be a first quarter moon usually in the Gregorian month of May. Occasionally June.

What this means is that it’s a holiday that runs into one or the other of the next two holidays. Either Cintusamos or Samolitus. As both of those holidays are a week long, it’s no issue. The new year is welcomed in with a celebration and feast.

An offering to Carnonos of mead, honey, and/or coins is suggested. As honey is sweet and golden, and lasts for a very long time. So we have connections to goodness, longevity, and prosperity there. Any of the three mentioned offerings are recommended. Those three things are among the kinds of blessings folks would naturally want to receive at the beginning of a new year.

That said, in and of itself it will fall into the middle of Cintusamos or Samolitus due to its timing, as stated above. As it’s only one day in the midst of these other îuoi (holidays), it’s likely thought of as “minor”. Still, it is a great time to seek the blessings of Carnonos as we welcome the coming year.

Associated Dêuos: Carnonos. He stands between worlds, watching multiple directions. Thus making Him suitable for governing the beginning of a new year.

Activities: This îuos (holiday) is very clear cut. A minor observance to celebrate the new year. As we don’t know if the Gauls paid much attention to the literal start of the year, the idea is more contemporary. A party, as we see in new year observances in many cultures is a great idea. Mead being the special drink for the occasion.

If one is not of the legal drinking age in their area, or simply wishes to abstain from anything containing alcohol for any reason, honey water can be made. This is done by heating or boiling water, and as it cools but is still hot (no longer boiling) honey is added to taste. One or two spoonfuls should do. It can be drank cool or warm.

A countdown can also be done. Traditionally the new day started at sundown. However, the contemporary midnight countdown could also have a place in these observances. The numbers from ten to one are:

10 – Decan
9 – Nauan
8 – Oxtu
7 – Sextan
6 – Suex
5 – Pempe
4 – Petuares
3 – Tri
2 – Dui
1 – Oinos

Then we end with: Sonnocingon Nouion dagon ollon! (A good new year to all!)

Uediâ Sonnocingû Nouiû

Comberomos Sonnocingû Nouiû
(We gather for Sonnocingos Nouios)

Baniomos tê Carnonê
(We come to you, Carnonos)

Ad atû Antumni sistâi, anegestû uritto namantobi etic uedes anatin
(At the border of Antumnos you stand, you protect against enemies and guide souls)

Uer sin Sonnocingê Nouiê, arcîmos râtobo sueson
(Upon this Sonnocingos Nouios, we ask for your blessings)

Sedlû, slanû, etic cenobiuotûbo
(For peace, health, and long lives)

Carnonê Tigernê! Carnonê Tigernê! Carnonê Tigernê! Rodîmos addatus etic bratûn te!
(Lord Carnonos! Lord Carnonos! Lord Carnonos! We give offering and thanks to you)

Slanon te
(Cheers to you)

Bratûn te
(Thanks to you)

Molâmos Carnonon
(We praise Carnonos)

Sonnocingon Nouion dagon ollon
(A good Sonnocingos Nouios to all)