Uisonnalitus “Spring Feast” – A peculiar day when noting that there’s no reasont to think that the Gauls observed anything related to the vernal equinox. However, there is an Iuos day a few days after the new moon, likely the first sliver, closest to the vernal equinox. This falls on 25 Aedrinios or 25 Elembiuos on some years. Also called Îuos Sironiâs.

Though there isn’t much precedent in the Celtic world, there is a modern holiday named after an Anglo-Saxon goddess. It may be that as one might notice day getting closer to overtaking night that this time was noted, or that it was seen as a dawning in that regard.

Associated Deities: Sironâ, as snakes and springs both emerge at this time. I think a lot of Her symbolism is fitting for this time of year.

Possible inclusion or alternative: Artionis, as again, a Bear Goddess, this would be around the time that bears emerge from their torpor.