Uisonnalitus “Spring Feast” – This is an Îuos day a few days after the new moon, likely the first sliver, closest to the vernal equinox. This falls on 25 Aedrinios or 25 Elembiuos on some years. Also called Îuos Sironiâs.

The only îuos placed in a position relating to the new moon, it’s quite interesting. What we can see here, though appears to be a theme of renewal and beginnings. Daylight is about to overtake night, and so it is something of a dawn.

Springs that were frozen or dry thaw and move again. Birds return and lay their eggs, summer is on the way.

Associated Deity: Ðirona, as snakes and springs both emerge at this time, as are eggs being laid which fits Her as She’s once depicted holding eggs. Much of Her symbolism (snakes, eggs, and the location of Her places of worship being near springs) is fitting for this time of year.

Activities: As we look to the dawn of the year, we may notice in temperate climates the return of birds and the renewed flow of water. That daylight is getting longer is noticeable almost anywhere in one hemisphere or the other.

Her depiction with a dish of eggs makes a common over-culture Easter tradition of painting eggs also fitting for this time. As Ðirona was depicted with them, it is so that we give them as offering to Her as well.

As we see themes associated with beginning, renewal, the dawn and such it comes to mind that the feast event for this day might be best as breakfast. And so we have a special breakfast and an offering to Sironâ of painted eggs. For those not inclined to or restricted from eggs, we suggest a bread in the shape of a snake.

Uediâ Uisonnalitou

Glanosagon (Purification) [speaker only]

[Speaker lights the Juniper bundle, circling the nemeton sunwise three times]

Uediiomos Nemetonan.
Wed-ee-yoh-mohs Nem-eh-toh-nan.
(We invoke Nemetonâ.)

Dana anton.
Dah-nah an-ton.
(Lady of the Borders.)

Uomania Caddi.
Woh-man-yah cad-dee.
(Guardian of the Sacred.)

Delgauna Mâra.
Del-gow-nah maw-rah.
(The Great Keeper.)

Rodâi caddion uentî, etic aneges uritto duscâxslûs.
Roh-daw-ee cad-dee-on wen-tee, eh-tick ah-neg-es ew-ree-toh dus-cawck-sloose.
(You give sacredness to the offering space, and you protect against bad spirits.)

Datiomos addatun etic brâtun tei.
Dat-yoh-mos ad-da-tun eh-tick braw-tewn tey.
(We give offering and thanks to you.)

Arxiomos inedon sindon uregetorio caddon.
Ark-yoh-mos in-eh-don sin-don oo-reh-geh-tor-yoh cad-don.
(We ask that this place be made sacred.)

Slanon tei.
Slah-non tey.
(Cheers to you.)

Brâtun tei.
Braw-toon tey.
(Thanks to you.)

Molâtâmor Nemetonan!
Moh-law-taw-mor Nem-eh-toh-nan!
(I praise Nemetonâ!)

(It is done.)

Dauîtus (Lighting, Kindling) [speaker only]

[Speaker lights the Dagilâ(s) (candles)]

Dauiûmî aidun sondon Aidoniâs.
Dow-yoo-mee eye-dewn son-don Eye-don-ee-aws 
(I light this flame of Aidonâ)

Demarcation [speaker only]

[Speaker makes 3 sunwise motions above the Dagilâ(s) (candles)]

Aidona, ei mediâ ixā inloucâtio, areuedaunâ tessin eri cammû andegenti. In aidû inloucâlû, areuedes namman.
Eye-doh-nah, ey meh-dee-aw ick-aw in-low-cawt-yoh, ar-eh-weh-down-aw tes-sin eh-rih cam-moo an-de-gen-tih. In eye-doo in-low-caw-loo, ar-eh-we-dehs nam-man.
(Aidonâ you are the center which illuminates, bringing warmth since the beginning of creation. In your illuminating flame, you bring connection)

Brâtun te inloucetû inedon caddon, an uêdiâs anson clinaontor.
Braw-toon teh in-low-keh-too in-eh-don cad-don, ahn way-dee-ahs an-son clih-nah-on-tor.
(Thank you for illuminating this sacred place, may our prayers be heard) 

[Speaker gives an offering of incense or dried herbs to the flame.]

Adaððus Uisonnalitou (Rite for the Spring Feast) [call and response]


Comberomos Uisonnalitû!
Com-beh-roh-mos Wih-son-nah-lih-too!
(We gather for Uisonnalitus!)

[x9, drum for time, 1 beat is 1 syllable, 1 beat rest between loops] 

Speaker: (whispering, resonating Giamos energy (chaotic, dark, growling))
Uisonnî sindî, etnoi rodant ouiâ. 
Wi-son-nee sin-dee, et-noy roh-dant owe-yaw.
(On this spring, the birds give eggs) 

Audience: (match volume of speaker, resonating Samos energy (ordered, light, clear))

Bratun te ouiobi tou, Ðirona.
Brah-toon teh owe-yoh-bih tow, Tsih-roh-nah.
(Thank you for your eggs, Ðirona)

Speaker: (spoken)

Uisonnî sindî, agedâ tou candet uer dubrobi liagâtibi.
Wih-son-nee sin-dee, ah-ged-aw tow can-det wer dew-broh-bih lih-ah-gaw-tih-bih.
(On this spring, your face shines on the healing waters)


Brâtun te dubrû melissû atenouxtos, Ðirona.
Braw-tewn teh dew-broo mel-is-soo ah-teh-knowck-tos, Tsih-roh-nah.
(Thank you for the sweet water of renewal, Ðirona)

Speaker: (louder)

Uisonnî sindî, giamos attepet samon.
Wih-son-nee sin-dee, gee-am-os at-te-pet sah-mon.
(On this spring, winter flees summer)


Ðironâ ateberet! Molâtâmor Ðironan!
Tsih-roh-nah ah-teh-beh-ret! Moh-law-taw-mor Tsih-roh-nan!
(Ðironâ returns! We praise Ðirona!)

Speaker: (even louder)

Uisonnî sindî, pisomos biuitû nouiû litauiâs con dercobi ancoretobi.
Wih-son-nee sin-dee, pih-soh-mos bih-wih-too know-yoo lih-tah-wih-aws con der-coh-bih an-cor-eh-toh-bih.
(This spring, we look to the new life of the earth with open eyes)


Ðironâ ateberet! Molâtâmor Ðironan!
Tsih-roh-nah ah-teh-beh-ret! Moh-law-taw-mor Tsih-roh-nan!
(Ðironâ returns! We praise Ðirona!)

Speaker: (louder again, speaker has begun resonating Samos energy as well now)

Ðirona Cadda, Matîr uoberânon. 
Tsih-roh-nah Cad-da, mah-teer woh-beh-raw-non.
(Sacred Ðirona, mother of the springs)


Molâtâmor Ðironan!
Moh-law-taw-mor Tsih-roh-nan!
(We praise Ðirona!)

Speaker: (loudest)

Ðirona Sunarti, Liagis Sergion.
Tsih-roh-nah sue-nar-tih, lih-ah-gis serg-yon.
(Powerful Ðirona, healer of the sick)

Audience: [Applause, “Energetic Crescendo”]

Molâtâmor Ðironan!
Moh-law-taw-mor Tsih-roh-nah!
(We praise Ðirona!)

Addatus (Offering) [speaker only]

Speaker: (height of voice)

Cintâ ex scâton, delgestû addanon diion uellon!
Kin-taw eck scaw-ton, del-ges-too ad-dan-on di-yon wel-lon!
(First from the darkness, you hold the promise of better days!)

Datiomos addatun etic brâtun tei.
Dat-yoh-mos ad-dat-ewn eh-tick braw-tewn tay.
(We give offering and thanks to you.)

Incoron (Closing) [as one, follow speaker for lead]

Slanon tei Ðirona!
Slah-non tey Tsih-roh-nah!
(Cheers to you Ðirona!)

Brâtun tei Ðirona!
Braw-tewn tay Tsih-roh-nah!
(Thanks to you Ðirona!)

Molâtâmor Ðironan!
Moh-law-taw-mor Tsih-roh-nan!
(I praise you Ðirona!)

Iâmos tancû.
Yaw-mos tan-coo.
(We go in peace.)

Brâtun tei.
Braw-tewn tay.
(Thanks to you.)

Molâtâmor Aidona!
Moh-law-taw-mor Eye-doh-nah!
(I praise you Aidonâ!)

Iâmos tancû.
Yaw-mos tan-coo.
(We go in peace.)

Uisonnalitus dagos ollobo!
Wi-son-nah-lih-tews dah-gos ol-loh-boh!
(A good Uisonnalitus to all!)