Diios Nouiogalation

Diios Nouiogalation “Day of the New Galatîs” – The Birthday of Bessus Nouiogalation! Obviously this day is not a traditional Îuos day on the Coligny Calendar, as we aren’t nearly as old as it. Though it of course holds significance to us as it is the day we started out. That said, it does, like all BNG îuoi use the Coligny Calendar.

The date of Diios Nouiogalation is 9 Samoni. While BNG was in the works before that, the 9th of Samonios is the day we introduced our Bessus to our community, and the day this site became the vessel for sharing that Bessus with you, dear reader. As such we commemorate that day with celebrations.

Make no mistake however, the day isn’t simply about us. It is a day for honouring the Atebiuos Galaticos (Gaulish revival). After all, Nouiogalation means “New Galatîs”. So we not only celebrate our Bessus, but the revival of Gaulish inspired customs that created the environment for us to exist. In it carries our hopes that Gaulish custom is back (albeit in a different, modernised form) and here to stay.

Associated Deities: In this case, we give offering to our Toutatis and our Materês. Toutatis for our safety and health, and the Materês that They our toncnaman (that which is sworn, fate) be kind to us.

Activities: For us, it’s a party. In whatever reasonable way one chooses to celebrate is fine. Though, we talk about our Bessus, and of the Gaulish revival as a whole. For which we are grateful, and our hopes for the future. Also for remembering the revival’s history. Where we come from, where we are, and where we intend to be. A celebration of the Atebiuos.

Of course, one who isn’t in BNG, or doesn’t associate with us likely won’t observe this day. Which is obviously understandable. To which we say: Find the day you or your group came to Gaulish custom and celebrate that. After all, we’re far from the only ones who serve our fellow Galatîs. Celebrate the day you or your group chose to do that. It matters.

For us and our fellows, this is a day of pride and love for our Bessus, and the Atebiuos as a whole.


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