Tegobessus (House Custom)

Gallestû Galatis: Tegobessus
(You Can Galatis: House Custom)

Tegobessus (House Custom) has less attested survivals to draw from than other things, but what we lack in the attested recording of Bessoues (Customs), we make up for in innovation and creativity. However, a lot of information and ideas come from many different directions. So sometimes, it’s good to go back to the basics. In this case, that is Tegobessus (Home Custom).

Tegobessus is at the heart of practice. Why? Because to practice Galatibessus (Galatis Custom), one must do Galatis things. The foundation of this is the custom of the home. That which we do on a regular basis. After all, most of us are geographically disparate. However, the home practice is either central or at least important in many other customs as well.

Tegobessus is the cornerstone of a healthy practice. It may not have as much the same weight for those who regularly engage in larger group rituals. However, the majority of Galatîs traditions practice alone. Even when this changes, Tegobessus will still be a major part of practice.

What we hope is shown is that you (yes, you) can do this. It’s difficult to keep up a regular schedule and that’s okay. We can try and improve together.

Tegobessus I: Sacred Space
Tegobessus II: Addatus (Offering)
Tegobessus III: Tegatis (House spirit)
Tegobessus IV: Regentiâ (Ancestors)
Tegobessus V: Land Spirits (Coming Soon)
Tegobessus VI: Adgarion (Invocations)