Tegobessus II: Addatus (Offering)

There are many things one can offer the Dêuoi. We usually give an alcoholic beverage: wine, cider, mead, or beer, but if one can’t be around alcohol because one is underage or maybe because of other reasons. That’s ok you can offer Juice, sparkling wine, and many other beverages. These are certainly not the only things you can offer. You can offer whole milk, or some kind of food. Incense and Herbs are very important and overlooked a lot of the time. Really just be thoughtful. An offering doesn’t have to be expensive or even cost money, but use good sense.

Also, this is not meant to be classist. Offer the best you can in your situation. Your love of the recipient will show through. The Dêuoi are not at all “closed off” to you, regardless of your economic condition.

Finding something associated with the Dêuos in question to offer is best. However, whatever one reasonably can, as long as it is clean and has meaning, is acceptable. Remember, it is about your intentions in the end. Offerings are a way of building a relationship with the Dêuoi, so don’t stress about it.

After the offering, take a few moments to kneel, bow, or sit and commune with the recipient(s).

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