Membership in Bessus Nouiogalation

Sindiu 9 Samoni

Bessus Nouiogalation (BNG for short) is a mostly open tradition. One can practice the tradition, or parts of it, and no further attachment is needed. Nothing is required to do so, except being a person of decent character (which excludes fascists and the like by default). For the time that Bessus Nouiogalation is a young tradition and small in number of members, membership works as follows:

One who chooses to follow most or all of BNG tradition is a Sentiios (masc.), Sentiiâ (fem.), Sentiion (gender neutral) This word means “fellow, companion, associate”. Again, this does not require a joining or initiatory process. Thus, is a title that is based on mutual recognition and is casual, informal. This title can also apply to those who are friends, partners, spouses, relatives, or housemates of members of the trad if they so choose.

To get “further” into BNG, the organisational aspect, one has to be known to the Gaulish community, and known to BNG members directly. The goal of this on our part is not to be cryptic. But to protect our community from right wing individuals.

A Toution (gender neutral, Toutiâ and Toutios are fem and masc respectively) meaning “citizen” is someone who has chosen to particularly dedicate themselves to the BNG tradition that also doesn’t require an initiation. The line between a Sentiion and Toution is simply intent and focus, as well as familiarity with BNG material. To be a Toution, one simply is known to keepers to be one of good character and engaged in a rite with a Delgaunon (keeper) to Ogmios, as well as the Toutatis, and Suleuiâ, and Matronâs of BNG.

This takes one year of being a known Sentiion in BNG.

A Toution may choose to become a Dugilon (neutral), Dugilâ (fem.), Dugilos (masc.), after one year of being a Toution, or two years from bring a Sentiion.

A Dugilon, or whatever form of the word applies is a “dedicant”. Beware, an initiate, as a Dugilon is initiated, in such a tradition as this isn’t about receiving some big secrets, as BNG is not specifically a mystery tradition. A Dugilon is someone who feels called to service. At this early stage of the tradition, it basically means being active in the Gaulish custom community. As well as interacting with other BNG members so that we get to know each other — with respect for personal boundaries — and can plan events together.

Currently, we tend to interact on Discord. A chat site that also has a voice chat option where BNG members meet occasionally. Specifically on the server Gaulchat, which has become the main meeting place of those in the Gaulish custom community. As BNG seeks to help grow the Gaulish community, we try to do our part by staying in touch with the community as a whole.

While it is not mandatory to hang out with other members or spend a lot of time chatting online, we simply ask for a Dugilon to make a small effort for BNG and the Gaulish community. As it is a matter of giving back. So being a Dugilon is about making a firm dedication to BNG and the Gaulish community.

At this early stage of the tradition, the Delgaunâ or “keepers” tend to watch over the development of BNG itself. There are three currently. The duties of the Delgaunâ are to serve as essentially custodians of BNG. They convene to vouch for a prospective Dugilon and release new material as need arises. As well as listen to suggestions.

More duties fall on them in this early stage, but as the trad grows, new offices will be created and they will basically work themselves out of a job. As such, the Delgaunâ are required to do their best to act by the Îanoi, or “virtues”. Though perfection isn’t expected, accountability is. Ultimately, their job is to guide growth, incorporate new lore and add to the custom, and adapt organisation to the needs of the trad.

Without a doubt: we have thought ahead. As there will indeed in time be many potential positions. The often heard Bardon (bard), Uatis (seer), and Drûits (Druid), yes. As prestigious positions in Gaulish society, they will come with a high level of effort, practice, and study. There will also be Gutuatîs (priests), Cerdatîs (crafters), and many more recognised within BNG.

So there is a degree of complexity in membership as there is in any other gathering of people. In time, as BNG grows, there will be many more different kinds of membership. However, we try not to get too far ahead of ourselves. We look forward to growing a strong Gaulish tradition with all who are sincerely interested.

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