Membership in Bessus Nouiogalation

Sindiu 9 Samoni

Bessus Nouiogalation (BNG for short) is a toutâ (people, “nation”). One can practice the traditions of it, or parts of it, and no further attachment is needed. However, all who associate with BNG or identify as Toutioi must follow the îanoi, or you will be found out and removed. Absolutely nothing is required of you except being a good person of decent character (which excludes bigots and the like by default).

A Toution (gender neutral, Toutiâ and Toutios are feminine and masculine, respectively) meaning “citizen” is someone who has chosen to dedicate themselves to the BNG touta (or people). You must actually follow the bessus to be recognized as a toution of the toutâ.

A Toution is someone who feels called to service, this basically means being active in the Nouiogalatis community, as well as interacting with other BNG members so that we get to know each other and can plan events together while respecting personal boundaries.

Below is our Rite for introducing yourself to the Toutâdêuoi (Coming Soon.)

The Delgaunoi or “keepers” tend to the development of BNG itself. There are three currently. The duties of the Delgaunoi are to serve as custodians of BNG, coordinating community involvement in the bessus as well as teaching the practices to those new to our toutâ. They convene to facilitate the creation of the community and release new material as the need or inspiration arises, as well as listening to suggestions from the community.

The Delgaunoi are required to act by the Îanoi, or “virtues” in everything they do. Though perfection isn’t expected, accountability is. Delgaunoi must attend community rites, engage in discussions, and generally help tend to the community. Failure to do so will result in the Delgaunon being removed from their post. Ultimately, their responsibility is to the toutâ, to guide growth, incorporate new lore and add to the custom, and adapt the organizational structure to the needs of the toutâ.

Currently, we tend to interact on Discord, a chat site that has a voice chat option where BNG members meet to build community and participate in group rites and holidays.

While it is not mandatory to interact with other members or spend a significant portion of your time communicating online, we simply ask for a Toution to make a small effort for BNG’s community, as it is a matter of giving back. Being a Toution is about making a firm dedication.

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