Andegenton (Creation)

Written By Suturcos

Pad bûe arepan sinbitus? Eðði ne uidrar.

Extos bitus bûe gentos in ueglê.

Etic exbrissû leuci bitus logitos eðði!

Tenos etic dubron segon uregont neglâ.

Anciuogi endo taruos etic bousc.

Duî bûar mâros etic nertos.

Bous sueiâ anuan bûe Bouindâ.

Bebortisî exneglî.

Bûesî lanos blixtuos.

Taruos sueios anuan bûe Uindotaruos.

Bebortiîs blixtuos Bouindiâs.

Bûeîs lanos segos.

Bouindâ bebortisî ara leius neglî.

Etic Uindotaruos rodasset satos Bouindin.

Duî mapates bûar gentos.

Oinos mapað bûe gentos exuambî.

Sueiâ anuan bûe Litauiâ.

Bûesî uimpis etic letanâ.

Oinos mapað bûe gentos exanatlâ.

Sueios anuan bûe Dêiuos.

Bûeîs nertos etic axros.

Bûeîs Uindotaruos lauenos.

Coni îs adpipise ne comarionîsio.

Etic suâ îs urexti tremnâ.

Îs nexet do îs nouioueniî.

Etic roditîs lanocarbos.

Sueios adbertos ossimios.

Ion Dêiuos bûe aissi.

Bûeîs do orxtet Uinodtaruos.

Suâ bûe labarâtar.

Ponc amman aditâssetîs gegniie.

Tetaraueîs, axiîs, etic darnâssetîs!

Uindotaruos câde do sueios basson.

Dêiuos cecate pennos Uindotarui.

Sueios pennos bebue Sonnos.

Sueios dacruâ bebue ðirâs.

Litauiâ gabâsset crouos Uindotarui.

Urextetsî lucaton dubnos.

Etic Drus aucambnocnamis Uindotarui.

Exdrus câde satoi entra lucaton.

Sindos satoi tumîssont eni lucatê.

Adaxti tumon nouiobiuotus!

Senti Anadeuîs, senti Cauaroi.

Eiâ ueuason cicâ Uindotarui.

Eiâ tumîssont abrobalcos.

Dêiuos etic Litauiâ semiti tumîssont.

Cuprinnon ies urextont leius mapates.

Cintamos sindi bûar tri brateres.

Centubrater bûe ratos etic carâtacos.

Allobrater bûe nertos etic matis.

Tritobrater bûe pennosenos etic lugos.

Cauaroi negegniiar sudeaxtos sinueniâ.

Ies urextont agron uritto ollon.

Agron cena anton con mapatobi Dêiui.

Cicâ Uindotarui bûe adgossû ueuase.

Eni biccocomariê, ollon nâuaont.

Cauaroi baniînt etic uasînt mapates Dêiui.

Litauiâ urextet cagron eni aremertê.

Exo ueniâ ne uassont ci do aiuî.

Bouindâ gigne gegniie neððamos.

Bouindâ adberti suesi uenin.

Benontîeiî etic urexont Bitus.

Contrummocradiobi, ies gegniiar sin.

Centubrater beii uer pennos sueiâ.

Allobrater gabâsset anatlâ sueiâ.

Tritobrater sceciie carbos sueiâ.

Canti gabâssont pettiâs sueiâ.

Etic urextont sinbitus excarbos.

Sinmârosueliâ essid Andegenton.

Tribrateres rodîssont Litauian.

Rodîssontiis cicâ Bouindiâs.

Sincicâ texti sueionos matîr.

Tribrateres rodîssont Dêiuos.

Rodîssontiis anatlâ Bouindiâs.

Dêiuos urextet sin sueios tegos.

Tri gabâssont pennos Bouindiâs.

Cecatoniis pennos arduos.

Pennos Bouindiâs bebue lucrâ.

Cruuon Bouindiâs bebue morîa.

Blixtos Bouindiâs bebue abonâs.

Elus cauaroi bâditos buont.

Cnamîs Bouindiâs bebue monedîs.

Dantâ Bouindiâs bebue magnîs.

Uoltoi Bouindiâs bebue caitoi.

Elus biuotoues bebane exbouindî.

Etic leius exsenolucatû Uindotarui.

Nu rerine comariâ iaont.

Satoi exlucaton beube êscoi.

Rioêscoi bebue craxantoi.

Riocraxantoi bebue natriges.

Rionatriges bebue atares.

Allonatriges bebue mîliâ.

Biuotus tumîsset inammani.

Ollon andederciâ centuuenîas Dêuion.

Cauaroi etic Dêuoi sindiun catus.

Tribrateres gabâsset sueionos comariâ.

Centubrater gabâsset Dumnos.

Allobrater gabâsset Albios.

Tritobrater gabâsset Bitus.

Andegenton (Creation) English Translation

What was before this world? It is not known.

But the world was born in darkness.

And in a burst of light the world set forth!

Fire and water came together to form mist.

Coming from that mist, (a) cow and (a) bull.

(The) two were great and strong.

(The) cow, her name was Bouindâ.

She fed on mists.

She was full (of) milk.

(The) bull, his name was Uindotaruos.

He fed upon (the) milk (of) Bouindâ.

He was full (of) strength.

Bouindâ fed on more mist.

And Uindotaruos gave His seed to Her.

Two children were born.

One child was born from the womb.

Her name was Litauiâ.

She was pretty and broad.

One child was born from breath.

His name was Dêiuos.

He was strong and tall.

(Hence they aren’t technically related.)

Uindotaruos, He was glad.

Though He saw no place for Him(self anymore).

And so He made a plan.

He would die for His new family.

And give His full body.

His final offering.

When Dêiuos was (of) age.

He was (to) kill Uindotaruos.

So it was spoken.

When (the) time approached, He did.

He struck, He strangled, He tore (Uindotaruos)!

Uindotaruos fell (to) His death.

Dêiuos threw (the) head (of) Uindotaruos.

His head became (the) sun.

His tears became (the) stars.

Litauiâ took the blood (of) Uindotaruos.

She made a deep well.

And Drus (the world tree) from the backbone (of) Uindotaruos.

From Drus, seeds fell into (the) well.

These seeds grew in (the) well.

Setting in motion new life!

They are (the) Ungods, they are (the) Cauaroi (giants).

They fed on (the) flesh (of) Uindotaruos.

They grew very powerful.

Dêiuos and Litauiâ also grew.

Conjoined, They made many children.

Foremost of These were three brothers.

(The) first brother was kind and generous.

(The) second brother was strong and good.

(The) third brother was wise beyond His years and cunning.

(The) Cauaroi did not welcome this new family.

They made war against all.

War without end against (the) children (of) Dêiuos.

(The) flesh (of) Unidotaruos had been almost consumed.

In (the) little place, all would hunger.

(The) Cauaroi would (then) come (for the) children (of) Dêiuos.

Litauiâ made (a) fort in preparation.

But (the) family could not stay (there) forever.

Bouindâ knew (what had) to be done next.

Bouindâ offered Herself (to the) family.

They would tear Her apart (to) make (the) world (as it is now).

With heavy hearts, They did this.

(The) first brother struck Her upon Her head.

(The) second brother took Her breath.

(The) third brother cut open Her body.

Together They took the pieces (of) Her.

They made this world out of Her body.

This great wonder that is creation.

(The) three brothers gave (to) Litauiâ.

They gave Her (the) flesh (of) Bouindâ.

This flesh covered Their Mother.

(The) three brothers gave to Dêiuos.

They gave Him (the) breath (of) Bouindâ.

Dêiuos made this His home.

(The) three took (the) skull (of) Bouindâ.

They threw (the) skull high.

(The) skull (of) Bouindâ became (the) moon.

(The) blood (of) Bouindâ became (the) seas.

(The) milk (of) Bouindâ became (the) rivers.

Many (of the) Cauaroi had drowned.

(The) bones (of) Bouindâ made (the) mountains.

(The) teeth (of) Bouindâ made (the) stones.

(The) hair (of) Bouindâ made (the) forests.

Many lives came (from) Bouindâ.

And more (still from the) old well (of) Uindotaruos.

Now (as) they had (a) place to go.

Seeds from (the) well became fish.

Some fish became toads (amphibians).

Some toads became snakes (reptiles).

Some snakes became birds.

Other snakes became animals (mammals).

Life grew in time.

All under (the) eyes (of) this first family (of) Dêuion.

Cauaroi and Dêuîs to this day fight.

(The) three brothers took their own places.

(The) first brother took Dumnos.

(The) second brother took Albios.

(The) third brother took Bitus.

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